These Vintage Hygiene Tips Are Downright Disgusting

We’ve come a long way as a society when it comes to personal hygiene but it hasn’t always been that way. The generations before us had to get pretty crafty when it came to keeping clean and staying healthy.

Just think about it. Before we had fancy face wash infused with kale extract, our ancestors had to try out some pretty gross ways to keep their face clean, like using their own urine (ew!). Check out some of the most disgusting—and sometimes dangerous—ways our ancient ancestors kept clean.

Using Urine As Mouthwash Was Commonplace

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May Tse/South China Morning Post/Getty Images
May Tse/South China Morning Post/Getty Images

When it comes to cleaning clothes and ridding your mouth of bacteria, people didn’t always have Tide Pods and Listerine. They had to come up with their own anti-bacterial solution and luckily, they were full of it. People used to use their own urine to wash their clothes and their mouths.

Human urine is sterile when boiled and contains ammonia, which many modern cleaning products also contain. The process may sound gross but even Bear Grylls suggests doing it when you’re in a pinch.