Supposedly “Healthy” Hygiene Habits People Should Skip

As with diet trends, hygiene habits come and go out style. We all want to appear clean and lower our chances of getting sick. But some “healthy” hygiene habits can actually make you sick. They can even damage your skin, teeth, or hair!

From Q-Tips to exfoliating scrubs to hand dryers, hygiene products want to convince you that they will keep you germ-free. But dermatologists, dentists, and doctors are here to tell you otherwise. Don’t fall for these “healthy” hygiene habits.

Be Careful Cleaning Your Ears With Q-Tips

Did you know that you don’t have to clean your ears? According to Dr. Brande Plotnick, ear wax is designed to clean your ears. It traps dust particles, prevents water from entering, and moisturizes your ear canal. Still, a survey in the British Journal of General Practice found that 68% of people clean their ears with Q-Tips.

A doctor cleans a patient's ear with a cotton swab.
Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Q-Tips can push more wax into your ear, according to Advanced ENT & Allergy. Eventually, this can plug your ears with wax and even affect your hearing. Only wipe the outer part of your ears with Q-Tips.