These Are The U.S. States With The Highest Number Of Coronavirus Cases

Most of us didn’t expect the Coronavirus to spread as widely as it has. Now, people around the world are helping to protect everyone’s health by taking the Centers for Disease Control-recommended safety measures and staying at home. Meanwhile, researchers are keeping a close eye on the virus by the number of cases that have appeared in each U.S. state. It’s important to note that some states are more heavily populated than others, so that may also impact the overall number of cases. Read on to see which states have the highest number of cases and what’s been done in each one to help battle this pandemic.

New York: 30,811

With a population of almost 20 million people, New York has the highest number of coronavirus cases so far. World Population Review reports that 43% of the state’s population lives in New York City, but 60% of the state’s overall cases are in the city, according to amNY as of March 25th.

Nicolai Berntsen/Unsplash
Nicolai Berntsen/Unsplash

Cases in the thousands have shown up in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The state has seen 192 fatalities. Of the near 3,000 current hospitalizations, 660 are in intensive care. As of March 22, 2020, all New Yorkers who are non-essential workers have been ordered to stay home.