These Health “Facts” Turned Out To Be Complete Lies

Children are often told little white lies that can be mistaken as facts. Most of the time we can figure out the truth on our own, like that fact that no (sadly), carrots don’t actually give you night vision. The problem is some of those fun little myths that adults tell us as kids can stay with us later on in life.

They might seem harmless, but some of these myths can actually be downright dangerous! Read on to debunk some of the myths you might still believe.

Chewing Gum Doesn’t Stay In Your Stomach For Seven Years

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Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star/Getty Images
Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star/Getty Images

Everyone’s school teacher always warned against swallowing your chewing gum. While there are some dangers that can come from swallowing gum it won’t stay in your stomach for seven years. Chewing gum should pass through your digestive system within about 24 hours, and definitely no longer than 48 hours.

Now, there is the possibility when you swallow chewing gum that it can get caught in your windpipe, but you’ll know almost immediately when that happens.