Here’s What Your Physical Traits Reveal About Your Personality

According to research on over 2,000 Americans, it only takes 27 seconds for someone to establish a first impression. For most people, this is before they even speak. First impressions take in physical traits such as eye color, cheekbones, and posture and interpret them subconsciously.

Psychologists have researched how people interpret physical features. While these impressions aren’t set in stone, they allow psychologists to observe how we respond to others subconsciously. From your eye shape to your lips to your posture, your appearance might provide others with an insight into your personality. Find out how.

People With Wider Faces Are Viewed As Better Leaders

In 2011, psychologists performed a study to determine which traits most frequently lead employees to judge someone as a great CEO. They found that the width of a CEO’s face influenced how others saw them. During the study, participants viewed people with rectangular faces as better leaders than people with long faces.

Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynthia Marshall speaks at the Black Enterprise Women.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The researchers added that tall people with wide faces were viewed as the most “powerful.” This relationship only applied to men. That said, these results only indicate how others see CEOs and not how the CEOs actually perform in their leadership roles.