Why A Regular Bedtime Is Crucial To Your Heart and Metabolism

Going to bed at a decent time will not only help you feel more well-rested for the day ahead—but it’s also important for keeping your heart healthy and to better your metabolism.

Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day is vital for your health, according to a new study published in the journal “Scientific Reports.”

The sleeping patterns of almost 2,000 adults ages 54-93 who had no history of sleep disorders were examined by Jessica Lunsford-Avery and her team. The volunteers wore sleep tracking devices that picked up on the slightest variations in bedtime patterns.

Those volunteers that had irregular bedtimes had a higher body mass index, higher levels of blood sugar, higher blood pressure, and higher levels of hemoglobin A1C. They also found that those who had a difference in sleep and waking times between the weekend and the weekdays had a higher risk of heart disease.

“As some research suggests, perhaps poor sleep interferes with the body’s metabolism which can lead to weight gain, and it’s a vicious cycle,” said Lunsford-Avery. Looks like it’s time to set a bedtime routine!