Woman Learns Who Donated Her Blood, Only To Discover An Amazing Coincidence

Coincidences happen all the time. But the extraordinary coincidence that Lin Xiaofen of Taiwan encountered made international headlines. Lin suffered from a near-fatal accident that required her to receive over ten units of donated blood. When she discovered who her donor was, she ran into the most remarkable blessing of her life.

Was it fate that brought the donor and receiver together? Did Lin’s terrible accident lead to a life-changing connection? Decide for yourself when you read the miracle story that has the internet in a frenzy.

The Accident That Started It All

Around 2008, Lin Xiaofen fell victim to a terrible accident while living in Taipei, Taiwan. Some sources claim that she suffered from a near-fatal car crash, while others assert that she passed out and fell into a coma.

Lin Xiaofen smiling during a Pear Video interview
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@Pear Video

Regardless of what her accident was, she did end up in the emergency room. Although she received treatment for her wounds, doctors encountered a severe problem. She wouldn’t stop bleeding. Doctors had to act quickly.