Couple Asks Husband’s Mom For A Life-Changing Favor

People in committed relationships usually make sure to have the “talk.” They need to decide if they want to become parents. While some couples are fortunate enough to become parents when they’re ready, others don’t always get their wish. Kayla and Cody Jones of Texarkana, Arkansas couldn’t have been more thrilled to start a family after getting married. When things weren’t going according to plan, the Joneses reached out to a family member to see if there was anything they could do to help.

Meet Kayla And Cody Jones

Kayla and Cody Jones got married in 2012 and one of the most important things they wanted to accomplish in their marriage was becoming parents. The Joneses made a nice life for themselves in Texarkana, Arkansas.

kayla and cody jones smiling for a photo
Creating Baby Jones/Facebook
Creating Baby Jones/Facebook

They were already the owners of a couple of dogs and wanted to add a new baby to the mix. A little bit of time passed before they began to try for a baby with their extended family’s support.