DNA Test Reveals Startling Realization Between A Woman And Her Husband

Many spouses claim that their love was “meant to be,” but few have said it more than Liane and Marc Carter. Throughout their relationship, they have stumbled into uncanny coincidences. When Liane decided to take a DNA test, she learned why. She shared her story in The Cut, and the internet flew into a frenzy. Read on to see what she found.

The Couple’s Meeting Was Like A Rom-Com

Liane Kupferberg Carter and her husband Marc met in a peculiar way, which Liane calls “rom-com cute.” The two were on Club Med, a cruise that sailed near Nassau in the Bahamas. Liane was 25, and Marc was 27.

Marc and Liane Carter take a photo together.
Facebook/Liane Kupferberg Carter
Facebook/Liane Kupferberg Carter

The two spent some time with each other during their vacation. Although Liane claimed that Marc was initially “chasing my roommate,” that would soon change. This couple would figure out that they’re closer than expected– almost 40 years after meeting!