Here’s Some Things You Would Want To Have At Home In Case Of An Emergency

Emergencies can arise rapidly and seemingly out of nowhere, so being prepared is a great way to mitigate the problems that may arise during one. While it may seem like a no-brainer that you’ll need food and water, there are some other items that may be less obvious but also very important. For instance, whistles can make all the difference when trying to attract help. Also, what’s the good of canned food if you don’t have a can opener? Small details like hand warmers and matches can become significant in a state of emergency. Read on to see what other items can increase your preparedness.

Water Is Vital To Life

It seems obvious that you need water to live, but in the event of an emergency, your Brita won’t cut it. You’ll want to have one gallon of water per person in your household for each day that the emergency lasts.

Leslie Anneliese/Pixabay
Leslie Anneliese/Pixabay

When counting the people in your household, don’t forget to count pets! The last thing anyone wants is to have a pet who got sick from drinking non-treated water. You won’t want to carry a million little bottles either, so the bigger the container the better.