Items You Might Need If You’re Stuck At Home For Two Weeks

On certain occasions, the public may be asked to stay in their own homes for a variety of reasons, whether it is because of health concerns, political issues, weather, and more. However, if the public is recommended to do so, there are a number of items that are important to have if you’re staying at home for around two weeks. Take a look to see what they are and if you can check any of them off your list.

Enough Food For Two Weeks

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, it’s recommended that households stock up on around two weeks of food and water per person in the case of a recommended shut-in.

Woman in grocery store
Guan Xiangdong/China News Service via Getty Images
Guan Xiangdong/China News Service via Getty Images

It’s suggested that people buy non-perishable yet still healthy food, such as rice, beans, pasta, and oats, in order to maintain a healthy diet. However, it’s also recommended that people don’t neglect snack food and other treats that can help your mental state and morale during a quarantine.