Make Your Food Last Longer By Storing It Properly

Spoiled food wastes money and sacrifices the quality of meals or snacks. If you’ve ever had produce go bad a few days after taking it home, you’re not alone. By storing your food correctly, you’ll delay mold and ripening for weeks or even months.

Some foods may seem like they belong in the refrigerator, but they actually don’t. Others can ripen quickly, depending on how you wash them. When you know how to store food properly, it won’t go bad before you can eat it. Read on for ways to save your food and money.

Onions: Not In The Fridge

How can you keep your onions fresh after buying them in bulk? Skip the fridge. Store them in a dark, dry place, such as a pantry or garage. Mold can only grow in moist, airtight environments, so keep the onions in a mesh bag. That way, they’ll stay fresh up to four weeks.

A carton full of onions is seen.

But here’s the trick: after you cut onions, store them in the refrigerator. Peeled onions will last up to two weeks, while diced onions will remain edible for one week. Store these in an airtight container (unlike whole onions).