Unusual Pregnancy Trends, Traditions, And Customs Throughout History

Growing a living being inside of you for nine months, enduring painful labor, and pushing all the way through to delivery is no small feat. Over the years humankind has come up with inventive new ways to celebrate the development of life as well as interesting rituals for after a baby’s birth.

Scrolling along you will learn all about lotus births, male “pregnancy,” gender reveal parties, and more. You’re sure to view pregnancy in a new light after reading some of these unusual trends and customs!

Babymoons Are Growing In Popularity

We’ve all heard of honeymoons, but what’s a babymoon? A new trend taking the pregnancy process by storm these days is having a babymoon, a getaway with your partner before the baby arrives and sleep is no longer an option.


It’s probably the last “real” vacation many new parents will be able to take in years, so who can really blame them? Vanessa Lachey, pictured above, got to go to St. Lucia with her husband Nick Lachey for her babymoon.