You Might Not Be Aware That These Everyday Items Have Expiration Dates

Many are hyper-aware of expiration dates when it comes to food, but that’s not the only thing that can go bad. There are plenty of everyday items that can be detrimental to your health, and you don’t even have to ingest them. For instance, bath towels and pillows can harbor bacteria that remains even after being washed. Items like helmets and car seats degrade over time, while things like fire extinguishers and toothpaste can lose their effectiveness. Read on for more household items that it may be time to replace.

Disinfectants Can Fall Below Sanitation Standards

Disinfectants and other cleaning supplies can easily get lost underneath the sink or in the back of a cabinet somewhere. But before you go using a long-lost bottle of Lysol, you may want to consider its age.


After an extended period of time, the ingredients in cleaning products can become ineffective or altered due to their plastic containers. For antibacterial cleaners, you can safely expect a year of optimal results. Other cleaning products can last up to two years, but it’s always safest to check with the manufacturer.