These Parents Of Two Boys Prayed For A Baby Girl But Got Something Neither Of Them Expected

The age-old saying is “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” Southern California couple Angie and Gino made a wish and got what they wished for…and then some! The two were living a happy, healthy life with their sons. And while the family was content, Angie and Gino couldn’t help but think that something was missing — a baby girl. This is the story of Angie and Gino and their wish that came true, and then turned their lives upside down!

Angie And Gino Dreamed Of Becoming Parents

Some people seem to be made for parenthood, like Angie and Gino. When the couple got married, they were eager to start their family. From the get-go, they knew they wanted children and they couldn’t wait to add to their already happy bunch.

Before long, the couple got pregnant with their first child, a healthy baby boy. Not even two years later, they got pregnant again and welcomed another healthy baby boy to their growing family.