This Man Thought He Married The Perfect Woman Until He Discovered Her Dark Past

Few things in this life are more devastating than finding out the person you love most in the world isn’t who you thought they were. That’s exactly what happened to Blake Ruff. When he married the love of his life, all he could think about was starting a family with her. Then everything went south. After years together, Blake learned the truth about who his wife really was, and he would never be the same again. This is the story of Blake and Lori, and their fairytale marriage that turned into a nightmare.

Love At First Sight

It was 2003 when Blake Ruff first laid his eyes on Lori Erica Kennedy. It was love at first sight, and he knew his life would never be the same. He had no idea, however, just how much it would change.

blake ruff and lori erica kennedy identity thief mystery
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Social Security Administration

After a year of courtship, the two were married, despite the fact that Ruff barely knew anything about his wife. Was she hiding something from her past? In time, the answers would reveal themselves, although Lori wouldn’t be the one to tell.