A Shocking Number Of Millennials Use Their Phones In The Bathroom

Plenty of us are guilty of taking their phone to the bathroom every once in a while (and if you say you don't, you're lying), but the number of people who use it regularly on the toilet is shocking. A study by phone reseller Bank My Cell says that three out of four Americans use their phones in the bathroom.

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The study was conducted over two months in 2018 and surveyed 2,114 people.

One of the most shocking stats is 96% of people under the age of 23 say they won't go to the bathroom without their phones. 90% of millennials admit to using their phones while actually on the toilet. Generation X clocked in at 82%, while 57% of baby boomers use their phones in the bathroom.

When it comes to toilet talk, men are grosser than women. 80% of men use their phones on the toilet while 69% of women do the same.

There's also a difference depending on what brand of phone you have. Andriod users use their devices 12% more than iPhone users.

New York City, California, and Georgia are the top three states who use their phones the most.

As gross as taking your phone to the bathroom with you is, your phone, in general, is actually grosser. The study says that your phone is ten times dirtier than toilet seats, with only one in seven Americans taking the time to clean their devices. Time to invest in some antibacterial wipes people!