The Art Of Aging Well: Famous Stars Who Flaunt Their Gray Hair

Many people will naturally go gray or silver at some point in their lifetime. Gray hair is most commonly thought of as a sign of aging, but many of today’s biggest celebrities have started to embrace their silver strands.

Instead of trying to hide their gray, celebs such as Steve Carell, Anderson Cooper, and Jane Fonda can walk the red carpet or be caught by the paparazzi while letting their natural hair color shine in all its glory. Read on to see how some famous stars have effortlessly transitioned to gray hair.

Matt LeBlanc Said His Gray Hair Came In During Friends

Fans most likely know Matt LeBlanc for his role as Joey Tribbiani on the hit sitcom Friends. Although he was known for his dark brown hair on TV, he actually revealed that his gray hair started coming sooner than most thought.

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Jim Smeal/Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images
Jim Smeal/Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

He spoke about this on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, saying that he noticed his gray hair during Friends’ second season. It was growing in on the sides, so the executives on the show made him dye it. Now, he’s in his 50s and has let all of his natural gray come in.