Working Out The Wrinkles: These Foods Accelerate Aging, According To Research

In 2014, a survey by Harris Poll reported that 87% of Americans have at least one fear when they think about growing old. These fears include disease, fading memory, and even sagging skin.

People who want to retain nice skin and general good health throughout their lives might not be aware that their diet could be making them age earlier. Studies have shown that certain diets can contribute to visible wrinkles. If you want to keep looking youthful, avoid these foods that age the skin and other organs.

More Donuts, More Wrinkles

Donuts are another treat that you should only eat once in a while. Although they don’t have as much sugar as other pastries–around 13 grams in a chocolate glazed donut–they still age the body. An assistant professor of medicine at Tulane University, Dr. Timothy Harlan, says that donuts can make you look older.

Donuts are sorted onto shelves in a bakery.
Amy Syiek/Unsplash
Amy Syiek/Unsplash

Because donuts have no fiber, their sugar is quickly absorbed into the body. That, plus the trans fats, cause long-lasting inflammation that destroys collagen in the skin. Collagen usually keeps the skin springy and youthful, explains registered dietitian Andrea Giancoli. But that won’t happen with donuts.