Inspiring! See These Contestants After They Went On Weight Loss Shows

Many reality and competition shows focus on weight loss, like NBC’s Biggest Loser, ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, and TLC’s My 600-lb Life. In many cases, participants end up gaining weight back after the show. But these people continued to succeed. Some now work with overweight teens, and others are weight loss coaches. If you want to get inspired to lose weight, read their stories.

Rachel Frederickson Shed 60% Of Her Body Fat

In 2014, Rachel Frederickson won Season 14 of Biggest Loser. She went from 260 pounds to 105, shedding 60% of her body weight. Unfortunately, Frederickson received backlash for going below a healthy BMI.

Rachel Frederickson is seen before (left) and after (right) she lost weight.
NBC/Biggest Loser
NBC/Biggest Loser

Since appearing on the show, Frederickson has gained 20 pounds and maintained her healthy weight. “I was there to get my life back,” she told Today. “I knew if I worked hard every day and prepared my meals to fuel my body, I could do it…It was hard listening to the voices that tried to bring me down, but I was determined to never give up.”