No Stockpiling: Don’t Waste Your Money On These Items During Quarantine

When the coronavirus quarantine began, many people rushed to the supermarkets buying whatever they thought they needed out of panic. Although this response is understandable, it also wastes money and robs others of much-needed resources.

With so many articles detailing what you need for COVID-19, here’s one explaining what you don’t need. You may be surprised–government officials don’t recommend many supplies that others are stockpiling, including face masks and latex gloves. Save your money and your time by learning what you don’t need to buy for quarantine.

You Don’t Need That Much Toilet Paper

Toilet paper does nothing to prevent the virus, so why are people stockpiling it? According to Steven Taylor, author of The Psychology of Pandemics, people resort to extremes during a panic. With a lack of clear direction from officials, people copy what they see others doing–which is buying lots of toilet paper.

A customer buys toilet paper packages at a supermarket.
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

If you do catch the virus, you’ll be quarantined for around two weeks. That doesn’t require seven packages of toilet paper (unless you have a severe medical condition). “People become anxious ahead of the actual infection,” Taylor says. “They haven’t thought about the bigger picture, like what are the consequences of stockpiling toilet paper.”