Realistic New Year’s Resolutions For A Healthier You

Some of us have given up on past New Year’s resolutions because they seem to inevitably fade away by spring. Before you totally throw out the tradition, it may be worth considering some simpler resolutions that can have lasting effects on your health. Making a point to trim down negative thoughts, chew your food more thoroughly, or take a short walk each day doesn’t require much effort, but it can make a big overall difference. Take baby steps toward a healthier you with these realistic New Year’s resolutions.

Make Your Plate More Colorful

Sprinkled holiday cookies aren’t what we mean by making your plate more colorful. We’re talking about incorporating more produce into your meals so that they are vibrant and healthy.

Shopping For Vegetables At Price Chopper
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Fruits and vegetables contain tons of micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals, that help your body function at its best. Plus, the added color makes your meals more appealing. Before you reach for the bag of chips, eat some carrots or sliced bell peppers first. The extra chewing will leave you feeling more satisfied in the long run.