Stop Making These Five Skincare Mistakes

Are you taking care of your skin properly? Some techniques may seem like they are good for your skin, but often aren't. These are five common mistakes people make when it comes to cleansing their face.

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Cleansing too often is a common mistake people make, especially those with oily skin. It may seem like washing your face a lot would be a solution to oily skin but it's actually the opposite. Too much cleansing dries out the skin, which actually leads to a production of excess oils to compensate.

Another mistake when cleansing and moisturizing is being too rough on the eye area. Tugging on your eye area can cause wrinkles and puffiness, so be sure to gently wash and tap the area when applying moisturizer to avoid this.

When it comes to washing your face, it's important to be gentle. Over-washing is a major mistake. You only need to vigorously lather areas with glands and fold, otherwise, it can cause irritation.

When moisturizing your face, there's no need to use a ton of product. It's unnecessary as your skin can only absorb so much. It's a waste of money to just slop it on.

The number one mistake when it comes to skincare is not washing off your makeup. Sleeping with a full face of makeup on is a guaranteed way to clog up your pores and have a breakout. Be sure to wash your face before you head to bed and make sure you avoid all of these mistakes in your daily routine.