The Surprisingly Germ-Covered Items That You Touch Every Day

Most people think that toilets, especially public toilets, are the number one host of germs. They’re not. Research has identified many everyday items that host more bacteria than most toilet seats. While the germs on these objects aren’t guaranteed to make you sick, they do serve as a reminder to clean your belongings more often.

After all, most people don’t think about their cell phones, coffee makers, and even ice machines as germ communities. But because we use these items so often, we should clean them more. Here are the surprisingly germ-infested items that you need to sanitize more often.

Bathroom Towels

Creative storage for bathroom towels on Pinterest
Pinterest/Michele Redmond
Pinterest/Michele Redmond

Just like kitchen cloths, bathroom towels produce more bacteria than other home items. “Bacteria likes to grow in wet, moist conditions,” says Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona. When you dry your hands and body in the bathroom, they become both wet and warm.

According to Gerba’s research, 90% of towels contain coliform, the bacteria found in feces. But don’t worry; researchers told Time that our bodies have adjusted to these microbes, so they won’t harm us. Replace your bathroom towels every two days for the cleanest results, and especially after you’re sick.