Trim Years Off Your Appearance With These Youthful-Looking Men’s Haircuts

There are plenty of options when it comes to men’s haircuts, even for those who are experiencing hair thinning. Some styles can even appear to turn back the hands of time by covering up bald spots, hiding receding hairlines, and increasing volume. Keep reading to see the best haircuts for men who are going for a younger look.

The Low-Maintenance Barber Cut

Those who don’t have thinning hair and are embracing the salt and pepper look may enjoy trying George Clooney’s simple barber cut. The style is extremely low-maintenance since it’s short and sticks to the head.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Clooney’s haircut is all one length but is shaped in such a way that it naturally parts to one side. The hair sweeps over to showcase how full his hair is without complicating the ‘do with layers and fades.