Why Some Parents Prefer For Their Babies To Sleep In The Snow

Depending on where you live, the idea of leaving your baby out in the snow might seem like a nightmare. On the flip side, many parents find that keeping their children outside as much as possible, even napping infants in freezing temperatures, has enough benefits to assuage any fears. Particularly in Northern European countries such as Sweden, outdoor napping — even in negative degrees Fahrenheit — is not frowned upon. Granted, the United States is another story, as one Danish woman found out the hard way. Here’s why so many parents are leaving their little ones out in the cold.

Many Scandinavian Parents Prefer Naps In The Snow

According to Time magazine, many parents in Scandinavia are hard-pressed on the notion that their children should get as much fresh air as possible. In this part of the world, it is the norm to have infants and toddlers take their naps outside.

A baby naps outside in a snow-dusted stroller
Carmen Jaspersen/picture alliance via Getty Images
Carmen Jaspersen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Even in the freezing temperatures in winter, these parents feel that the benefits are worth keeping the little ones outside. The bundled-up babies are kept warm while reaping the benefits of fresh air.