The Best And Worst Foods For Hair Health

By the time people turn 50, about 50% of women and 85% of men will have lost hair. If you want to delay this fate, you’ll want to focus on your diet. Yes, diet. In 2018, researchers concluded that a Western-style diet impairs both our skin and hair.

When it comes to hair, low-fat and more produce doesn’t cut it. Some foods that people warn against, including red meat and eggs, help your hair grow faster and stronger. Some foods that people praise–such as vitamin A supplements–can harm your hair if you eat too much. Delay your gray hair by learning the best and worst things to eat.

BEST: Eggs, The Hair-Growth Stimulation Agent

In 2018, a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food reported that egg yolk stimulates hair growth in mice. Why? According to the study, egg yolks prompt vascular endothelial growth– a phenomenon that researchers call a “hair-growth stimulation agent.” In other words, eggs create more proteins that aid hair growth.

Hair sits in one egg yolk.
Loretta Felli/AGF/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Loretta Felli/AGF/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

One egg provides 11% of your daily vitamin D, which also thickens your hair over time. Research in Stem Cells Translational Medicine noted that vitamin D creates follicles where new strands of hair can grow. While some people apply egg yolks directly to their heads, eating cooked eggs works just as well.