Add These Disease-Fighting Superfoods To Your Grocery List

It’s no secret that eating poorly increases the risk of disease. For instance, at least 45% of type 2 diabetes diagnoses are caused by diet, according to the National Institutes of Health. But on the flip-side, the risk of major diseases can go down if we eat healthy foods.

Scientists have analyzed food’s impact on heart disease, cancer, and neural decline, and they reported which foods have the best effects. These “superfoods” offer many benefits that may keep people alive for longer. To discover which foods combat disease, read on.

A Handful Of Almonds Can Save Your Heart

Almonds are a tasty source of healthy monounsaturated fats. During an analysis of 57 studies in Nutrients, scientists noted that almonds have a positive effect on cholesterol. “Daily consumption of around 45 g of almonds can help reduce one the most important risk factors for cardiovascular disease,” the researchers said.

Packaged almonds sit on a shelf in a supermarket.
Marta Iwanek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Almonds also have powerful, disease-fighting antioxidants. According to 2007 research in the Journal of Nutrition, 3/4 cup of almonds relieves oxidative stress by up to 34%. This may lower peoples’ chances of developing inflammatory diseases such as cancer.