Stock Your Pantry With These Heart-Healthy Superfoods

Heart disease incites more deaths than any other illness in the world, and our diet directly impacts our heart health. If you want to stabilize your cholesterol, get rid of blood sugar, or fortify your arteries, you’ll want to pick up these heart-healthy foods.

Recent research has determined that common foods have more health benefits than other people realize. Can you drink red wine or coffee, or indulge in some chocolate on a heart-healthy diet? You may be delighted at how many tasty foods help your heart. Learn which common foods benefit your cardiovascular health and lengthen your life.

Go Ahead; Have Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

Because high caffeine intake can stimulate stress and anxiety, many people assume that coffee harms the heart. But current research demonstrates the opposite. A 2014 systematic review of cohort studies concluded that moderate coffee consumption (3-5 cups a day) results in a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A coffee with foam in the shape of a heart
Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images
Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Recently, the British Heart Foundation analyzed over 8,000 participants and proposed that even 25 cups of coffee a day won’t stiffen arteries, as previously presumed. Coffee shrinks inflammation and stabilizes insulin production, which can decrease the likelihood of diabetes. These benefits can even lengthen life, according to researchers at the University of Southampton in 2018.