Aging Diet: Stop Eating Foods That Can Cause Wrinkles And Shorten Your Life

Our diet determines our health, vitality, and the risk of certain diseases. But some people don’t know that food can also slow down–and speed up–aging. “Can you look older because you’re eating [badly]?” asks Dr. Timothy Harlan. “Absolutely.”

Certain foods can create wrinkles on your face, making you look older. Others significantly increase your risk of death, and some even shrink the chromosomes that control aging. If you want to extend your life, limit these foods. At best, they make you look older, and at worst, they shorten your life.

Try Not To Char Your Grilled Meat

When meats are charred with high heat, they receive toxins. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, grill heat creates advanced glycation end products (conveniently shortened to AGEs). These AGEs accelerate aging by inflaming the body.

Charred minced meat kebabs cook on a grill.
Hoberman Collection/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Hoberman Collection/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Study author Dr. Jaime Uribarri says that too many AGEs may lead to diabetes and chronic kidney disease. The good news? Black pepper can reduce the amount of these carcinogenic compounds, say researchers at Kansas University. Add some black pepper and turn down the grill temperature.