These “Healthy” Foods Are Actually High In Sodium

According to the CDC, 90% of Americans consume too much sodium daily. Obviously, potato chips and table salt contain sodium, but the ingredient also sneaks into “healthy” foods. For instance, did you know that cottage cheese is high in sodium? What about salad dressings and frozen fish? If you’re eating these foods, you might be getting more than your recommended 2,300 mg of salt.

Yes, Cottage Cheese Is Salty

Although cottage cheese is healthy, it also has a higher sodium content than other cheeses. Half a cup of cottage cheese has 364 mg of salt, or around 819 mg per cup. According to a 2017 Korean study, the salt additives preserve texture and enhance flavor. As such, you won’t find low-salt varieties.

A bowl of cottage cheese sits on top of another bowl.

If you’re closely monitoring salt content, you can eat cottage cheese sparingly. Or, you can rinse the cheese under running water for three minutes. This might reduce sodium by up to 63%, according to The Journal of the American Dietetic Association.