Food Items That Might Be Hard To Eat Once You Know How They’re Made (Or What They Contain)

There are many foods that may make you pause when you realize that the ingredients aren’t good for you. And then there are those items that you hesitate to consume not for health purposes, but because the thought of how they’re made is downright cringe-worthy. For instance, gelatin has a bad rap for coming from animal bones, and some ground meat contains the unfortunately named “pink slime.” Read on for more foods you might regret learning about.

Chocolate Can Contain Insect Fragments

In every 100 grams of chocolate, the FDA allows up to 60 insect fragments and one rodent hair. That means your chocolate bar could be loaded with tiny bug pieces that you’ll never know about. It may seem unlikely, but the FDA allows tons of foods to contain insect fragments, such as tomato products and macaroni.

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Chocolate is made from beans that grow in pods on trees. So throughout the manufacturing process, there’s bound to be some bug bits that get in there. But don’t worry, they’re harmless.