A 97-Year-Old Veteran Who Eats Alone At Arby’s Receives An Unbelievable Gift

In Chandler, Arizona, the employees of a local Arby’s saw one customer every day. This 97-year-old man ordered the same meal every day for years, and nobody knew why. When the manager learned his reasons, she worked with the community to make his life easier. Here is what a few employees did to change a man’s life forever.

One Arby’s In Arizona Had A Peculiar Customer

Most people have a favorite restaurant that they visit frequently. For one 97-year-old man, it was an Arby’s in Chandler, Arizona. He would go there for lunch every day and order the same meal each time.

The Arby's in Chandler, Arizona is pictured from the front.
YouTube/ABC15 Arizona
YouTube/ABC15 Arizona

This man visited so often that every staff member knew him. But nobody saw him as often as the manager, Christina Gamage, who became curious about why he chose this particular restaurant. After all, he had been going there for years.