Incredible Uses For Vinegar That Can Save You Time And Money

Vinegar is one of those staple household items that’s been around forever, and there’s a reason for that. The natural liquid can replace a number of household products, saving you time and money. From cleaning the sink disposal to reviving wooden furniture, there’s no shortage of ways that vinegar can come in handy.

Freshen The Garbage Disposal

Over time, the garbage disposal can start to gather lingering bits of food, causing bacteria to grow and produce an odor. Fortunately, vinegar can help clean the depths of the disposal out.

Callum Hill/Unsplash
Callum Hill/Unsplash

One effective way to do this is to pour an equal amount of vinegar and of water into an ice tray. You can also add a lemon wedge to each slot for extra freshness. Freeze the tray and then stick the ice cubes down the drain while running the disposal.