Lost in Translation: The Most Hilariously Terrible Maps To Confuse Everyone

When people look over maps, they don’t typically make a habit of questioning how those maps were made. They trust that whoever made them knew what they were doing and that they’ll get them to where they need to go. But nothing in the world is perfect, and cartography is no exception.

But because a list of slightly inaccurate maps would be pretty boring, it’s time to get a little more extreme. Some maps are useless, others measure something totally random, and others are just plain bizarre. Take a look at some of the wildest ones, and don’t worry if you start scratching your head in confusion while laughing at these hilariously terrible maps.

Nobody can say this map is wrong

In the caption accompanying this map, @TerribleMaps confidently asserted that more people in the world live inside this circle than outside of it.

Map of the world surrounded by big red circle

Let that be a lesson that people can be just as confident about the obvious as they are about their biggest discoveries. But does anyone really live outside this circle?