When A Mother Conceived A Rare Set Of Fraternal Twins, Her Family Became An Inspiration

Julie was already 40 when she married her second husband, Dan. Despite their age, the two wanted children of their own. But their journey sent them down a path they never expected. Julie became pregnant with a rare set of twins that put her entire life in question. Learn how she and her children became an inspiration to tens of thousands of people.

A Devoted Couple

Dan and Julie McConnel met in their hometown in Boise, Idaho. Both of them participated in church communities and always put family first. However, this was not Julie’s first relationship.

Dan and Julie McConnel hug each other while smiling for a photo.
Inside Edition/YouTube
Inside Edition/YouTube

Julie had been married once before and had three kids from that marriage: Gabrielle (22), Carson (17), and Hailey (15). She was wary about a second marriage, especially how it would affect her children. After all, the eldest two were in college and would rarely see him.