New Yorker Discovers A Giant Hole Leading Somewhere Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

New York apartments tend to be quirky. But for Samantha Hartsoe, there was nothing fun or cute about what she found behind her apartment’s bathroom mirror. Starting as nothing more than a mission to find where cold air was coming from, Samantha soon discovered something beyond shocking. What she found behind her mirror was straight out of a horror movie, yet, she decided to explore a bit further.

It Started Out As A Curiosity For Why She Was Cold

It started as nothing more than a curiosity for why she was always cold. She wanted to find where the strange cool breeze was coming from in her bathroom. There was no way for New Yorker Samantha Hartose to know that the mission she set out to accomplish was going to put her in the middle of a real-life horror movie.

But, it’s New York City, and real estate horror stories are almost the name of the game. What did she find? Keep reading.