These Adorable Dog Breeds Are Perfect Companions For Less Active Owners

Some people hesitate to adopt a dog because they think they require a lot of exercise. But not every dog breed is hyperactive. Some dogs are willing to lie with you on the couch, and others enjoy napping as much as any couch potato.

Although all dogs require exercise, some are content with short walks and playing around the house. Whether you want a hound or a lap dog, there’s a lazy breed out there for you. Even some supposedly “active” dogs, like Saint Bernards and Greyhounds, can actually be lazy companions. The following breeds are good for seniors or anyone who’s not looking for a very active pet.

English Bulldogs Love To Snooze

Although English Bulldogs may look threatening, they’re the complete opposite. They’re loyal, easygoing dogs who adore bonding with their family. While they’re hyperactive as puppies, they become lazier as they mature. English Bulldogs often snooze next to their owners, although they can drool and snore!

Six-week-old English Bulldog, Annie looks on at the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog

With their short hair, English Bulldogs are easy to care for, with their only requirement being regular grooming. Their low energy levels make them great household and apartment pets. These kind dogs are also very tolerant; if kids bother them, they’ll move away and return to their nap.