Things That Are Harder To Spot Than Waldo

Better rub the fluff out of your eyes, because it’s time to search for more tiny, well-disguised objects. Sure, it’s probably not the greatest thing for your eyes to get within two inches of your computer screen staring a photo of leaves—but it’s the best thing for your ego when you find what you’re supposed to.

Not even Waldo himself would be able to suss out where this stuff is without tearing his hair under that weird red beanie. Do you think he ever gets hot wearing that thing?

Didn’t Know Cats Could Camouflage

Not only is this cat so completely camouflaged, but I can’t help but wonder if this is all a part of the cat species’ grand plan to take over the world. First the marble flooring, next, the Oval Office.

cat on floor
Photo Credit: poopyhog / Reddit
Photo Credit: poopyhog / Reddit