This Orphaned Baby Elephant’s Unlikely Friendship Can Melt Your Heart

Sometimes it’s the friendship you never expect that can end up saving your life. In the case of an orphaned elephant in South Africa, a unique bond did wonders for its well being. You may have heard of bonds between cheetahs and dogs, cats and rabbits, and lions and bears, but what about elephants and an unlikely friend? Our story takes place on the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve, where a sick and depressed baby elephant needed a special friend to help nurse it back to health.

An Elephant Was Abandoned By Its Herd

No one knows for sure (there are theories) why this baby elephant was abandoned by its herd in South Africa, but if it weren’t for a rescue team finding him, he never would have never had a chance at survival. Malnourished and sick, the team knew it was going to face an uphill battle to save his life.


Luckily, this was one uphill battle they were prepared to fight. Their original plan was to get the baby healthy enough to have another herd adopt it. No one expected the best medicine the elephant would receive would end up complicating those plans.