Voila! Dramatic Plants That Completely Transform With Watering

Plants are a gorgeous addition to any home, bringing a room to life with color and nature. While plants are generally less maintenance than pets, they can still be surprisingly difficult to care for. People who aren’t gardening experts can be caught off-guard by how challenging it is to keep things green, lush, and thriving. These plant owners learned just how sad-looking plants can become without water. You won’t believe the difference that a few hours can make to a plant’s appearance!

A Complete Revival

This plant was so droopy before being watered that the leaves nearly touched the floor! It reminds us of someone dramatically leaned over with their limp arms dangling to the sides. Afterward, the plant is preppy as can be.


Twitter user @KARIFAUX exclaimed, “I revived my friend’s plant, Plantasia, yesterday and I’m really proud.” They should be proud of that transformation, and their friend should also be proud of coming up with the clever name “Plantasia.”