Waffle House Waitress Had No Idea She Was Being Filmed By A Customer

In Texas, a Waffle House waitress headed into work for her shift just as she did every day. Nothing was special about the day – it was just any regular morning. Or so the waitress thought. In just hours, a chain of events would take place and change her life, which she couldn’t have known as she went about with her tasks and serving her customers their coffee and breakfast.

But Something Was Different On This Day

This particular Waffle House, in La Marque, Texas, had quite a few regular customers. One of them was a woman named Laura Wolf. She frequently stopped into the restaurant for a cup of coffee and conversation with the Waffle House staff.

customer with hidden camera
YouTube/KHOU 11
YouTube/KHOU 11

Most of her visits to the restaurant were pretty routine. But today, March 3, 2018, was destined to be different than any other day she’d stopped in for her breakfast. Laura saw something that not only caught her attention, but caused her to push breakfast aside and reach for her phone. She started to take photos of a woman, who had no idea that anyone was recording her actions.