Never Put These Things On Your Face

In a world of DIY skincare hacks, influencers recommend many household products to put on your face: toothpaste, lemon juice, and even Elmer’s glue. Do these hacks really work? According to dermatologists, some of these ingredients have side effects that outweigh the benefits.

Even skincare shortcuts, such as using body lotion as a face lotion, can harm your skin and create visible blemishes. Don’t make the mistake of giving these products a chance. Dermatologists assert that you should never pour any of these products on your face.

Hydrogen Peroxide Makes Your Acne Worse

While skin DIYs have promoted hydrogen peroxide as an acne-fighting tool, science doesn’t support this. Hydrogen peroxide destroys healthy skin cells along with bacteria. In 2005, researchers found that hydrogen peroxide ruins fibroblast cells that help heal wounds. This interferes with healing and leads to scar formation–not a good result for people with acne.

YouTuber demonstrates how to use hydrogen peroxide on your face

While hydrogen peroxide effectively kills bacteria, it also eliminates wound-healing and regenerative cells. If you do use hydrogen peroxide as a home remedy, always dilute it with water first. But it’s best to find another ingredient to help your skin.