You Won’t Believe What These My 600-Lb Life Stars Look Like Today

Cillas Givens’ Story Ended On A Rather High Note

Growing up lonely and depressed is what led Cillas Givens to find comfort in food. Unfortunately, for the young man, that comfort led him to weigh a total of 729 pounds. But with support from Dr. Nowzaradan as well as his girlfriend Jessica and her children, Givens was ready to make a lifestyle change.

Cillas Givens' Story Ended On A Rather High Note
TLC; Cillas Givens/Facebook
TLC; Cillas Givens/Facebook

By the end of his time on My 600-lb Life, Givens lost a staggering 388 pounds, an incredible feat. And, by the looks of his social media accounts and a GoFundMe page, he is continuing to make fantastic strides in his weightloss journey.