Woman Is Struck By Mystery Illness, Ten Years Later She Discovers What It Is

Kathi Wilson was a typical loving mother and wife raising her family in Indiana. At one point, however, she fell ill with what she thought was the flu or the common cold. Yet, her illness didn’t get any better over time and no treatment seemed to have any effect. For the most part, she was bed-ridden until she learned the secret about the source of her illness. Thanks to a few home contractors, Kathi learned the truth and shared her story to hopefully save someone else’s life.

A Regular Mom

Regular Mom

Leading up to the illness, Kathi Wilson was a 41-year-old mother and native resident of the town Shelbyville, Indiana outside of Indianapolis. She had a quiet life as a mother and wife and had a job working at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

She was a hard-working and positive woman who didn’t let the small things in life get her down. However, she was unaware that her life would soon be affected in ways she never would have imagined.