Here’s How To Effectively Allergy-Proof Your Home

Allergies can be a constant nuisance, especially when it seems there’s no way to escape those pesky allergens. Fortunately, there are a number of precautions that can help mitigate the problem. Bedding covers, washable blinds, and air filters are a few products that may help defend you against allergens. It can also be helpful to avoid materials that carry allergens, such as upholstery and carpet. Simple habits like bathing before bed and keeping the windows closed can do wonders to protect your home during allergy season. Read on for insightful tips and tricks to help allergy-proof your home.

Wash Your Curtains And Blinds

The windows can be an easy area to overlook when cleaning the home. While it seems obvious to wash your bedding frequently, it may be less apparent that your curtains are in need of a clean.


Blinds and curtains collect all sorts of allergens from both inside and outside the home. To help assuage allergies, be sure to wash these items regularly. There are even special blinds that you can throw into the washing machine to simplify the process.