Soothe Your Sore Throat With These Foods And Drinks

According to a 2016 study, 99% of people use a home remedy to combat cold symptoms. For many people, these remedies tackle a sore throat. You don’t just have to drink tea, though; you can eat certain herbs, suck on a popsicle, or cook scrambled eggs. Surprised? Here are even more foods and drinks that can alleviate a sore throat.

Honey Might Work Better Than Cough Suppressants

As an antimicrobial, honey can soothe the inflammation in a sore throat. Research has found that honey alleviates upper respiratory infections, especially coughs. According to a study in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, honey eased children’s coughs better than some cough suppressants.

Honey drips off of a honeycomb into a glass jar.
Arwin Neil Baichoo/Unsplash
Arwin Neil Baichoo/Unsplash

Scientists from the University of Oxford reported that most upper respiratory infections–which often cause sore throats and coughs–are viral. Antibiotics will not work, but antimicrobials like honey might. It is easy on the throat and can lower inflammation, especially if you drink it with tea or warm milk.