Common Dream Symbols And What People Believe They Mean

For decades, there’s been debate in the scientific community regarding the meaning of dreams. Sigmund Freud thought there was a specific meaning behind each dream symbol, while other scientists, such as Tore Nielsen, argue that it’s more complicated than that. Whether you believe dreams are meaningless or that they are the window to your inner self, it can be fascinating to dive into centuries-old interpretations. From dreams about flying to teeth falling out, read on for fascinating symbols and their believed meanings.

Water Is Thought To Reveal Emotions


Sleep disorder expert Meir Kryger explained to CNET that many believe water is a symbol for emotions in dreams. Some of the more common associations are muddy water and sadness, or clear water representing clarity.

Perhaps an even more straightforward interpretation is that the nature of the water indicates how you feel. In this sense, raging waves would allude to feelings of being overwhelmed. On the contrary, still water might symbolize feelings of peace and tranquility. Professional dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg told CNET, “all that truly matters is what fits for the dreamer.”