You Won’t Believe How Dirty These Common Household Items Can Be

Pay Extra Attention To Faucet Handles

Handles of a bathtub faucet are pictured.
Robert Alexander/Getty Images
Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Faucet handles in both the restroom and kitchen can harbor germs. Research in Applied and Environmental Microbiology compared germs across peoples’ bathrooms. Faucet handles were the second-dirtiest spot, with 27% having yeast and mold, 9% containing contagious coliforms, and 5% having staph.

Oddly enough, copper handles prevent the spread of germs more than stainless steel or brass ones. Even so, you should clean your handles at least once a week. Wash them with warm water and soap, let them dry, and disinfect them. This will guarantee that most pathogens die.