You Won’t Believe How Dirty These Common Household Items Can Be

How Purses Carry Germs

Although some people carry their handbags everywhere, few remember to clean them. In 2013, a UK study concluded that most purses have more germs than a toilet. One-third had fecal bacteria, including E. coli. After all, when you go to a public restroom, your handbag usually goes with you.

A fashion blogger holds a Louis Vuitton purse.
Kirstin Sinclair/Film Magic
Kirstin Sinclair/Film Magic

According to another study in Advanced Biomedical Research, dirty purses equal dirty wallets. Peoples’ wallets also contained bacteria such as micrococcus, staphylococcus, and bacillus. Only three in 80 women admitted to cleaning their purses once a month. To reduce germs, you should clean your bag with a disinfectant wipe every week.